I'm Updating

I feel:: full

less and less. Nothing much exciting happening in my life. I start an internship at a place called The Living Hope Institute on Wednesday. It's a short term inpatient facility for people in crisis situations. They usually stay like 5-7 days and then go on outpatient treatment. I won't get paid for it, but it will be good experience and I can put it on my resume for graduate school. I'm going to be there MWF from 8:30am to noon.

My meds must be working because I find myself wanting to study for my classes and wanting to do my homework. That's weird. Who WANTS to do homework?

I went to see two movies this last weekend. I saw Collateral with Sally and I saw Vanity Fair with Ashley. I liked Vanity Fair better, but then I've never been a huge fan of either Tom Cruise or action movies. I liked Tom Cruise in Interview With The Vampire and Magnolia. Vanilla Sky was ok, but it took me awhile to figure it out.
Erik took me out to eat tonight at Shorty Small's and then we went to this ice cream place called Cold Stone Creamery. They make homeade ice cream and they spoon it out with spatula looking utensils. Then, they make a depression in it (like you do for mashed potatoes when you want to put gravy on them) and they put whatever toppings you want in it and then mix it all up in there while it's sitting on this marble slab which is right behind the counter. It's so good! Erik and I hurt ourselves with that ice cream.

Oh yeah, and whoever hasn't heard Mars Volta yet should really give them a listen. That is all.