Shite Shite And More Shite

I got this from Pippa. She's funny like that and I really needed to snort and cackle like the booger picking 5th grader I really am.

Shit Be Gone - The World's Coolest Toilet Paper
Shit Be Gone cleans up your unpleasantries like a champion among toilet paper. How funny would it be to have this sitting in your bathroom during a party, or when your Aunt Vivi stops by? Come on. This is awesome. This is pure fifth-grade-humor hilarity.

Shit Be Gone toilet paper is pillow soft and 100% recycled. Also, it's 2-ply, so it's tough enough to handle your messiest jobs without tearing or falling apart. This isn't a cheap gag toilet paper. This is the real thing. Actual quality. You could use this stuff every day.

Stock up on Shit Be Gone for your office supply cabinet! Watch your co-workers come rolling of of the bathroom, laughing so hard they can't even use it.

Here at Isdera Corp. we have Shit Be Gone in the executive bathrooms. Actually, this would be true if we had executive bathrooms, we just have two bathrooms. We have a ladies room and a filthy men's room. We use ShitBegone in both of them, although the men's room seems to use much more of it.

ShitBegone. Because it has to go somewhere.

500 2-ply sheets per roll.

This is real tp. You can order it here: ShitBeGone

This reminds me of a story I heard a few years ago (because everything reminds me of a story). A few years ago a product came out called WeedBeGone (betting that's where ShitBeGone got the idea). As it happened, around that time I was in a church service where the pastor was talking about the WeedBeGone product in his sermon. He was saying that if we only could look at the Devil the same way we do weeds then we could just tell him to "Be Gone!" in Jesus' name. A few weeks after that sermon, I was with my boyfriend at the time, Micheal, at a little get-together over at the house of a couple who were friends of his. They had a little boy who was around 4 years old. After dinner, the boy disappeared into the back yard and after he was gone awhile and everyone was looking for him, we heard from the back yard, "Fear Be Gone!" repeated over and over. We all went outside to see the 4-year-old standing right next to the fence of their neighbor's yard (who had a big dog that the boy was afraid of) pointing accusingly at their dog and yelling, "Fear Be Gone!" He said he learned it from listening to the pastor's sermon at church. I guess in the mind of a 4-year-old, the big dog next door is the Devil.

Wouldn't it just be really funny if someone took that principle to the bathroom? This is exactly what I thought of when I saw the ShitBeGone toilet paper. Having spent some time in the "name it claim it" churches, I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to banish their shit in Jesus' name. I just want to see it on You Tube.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about truth in advertising. ;)

Hope your funk is lifting.


May 04, 2008 2:56 PM  
Blogger Anais Nin said...


May 04, 2008 10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I don't want to be anywhere near someone who tries to banish their shit in Jesus' name. When I passed out from the stench, they would claim I was slain in the spirit. :-)

May 10, 2008 9:11 AM  

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