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Dont copy the behavior and customs of this world,
but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.
Then you will know what God wants you to do,
and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is.
-Romans 12:2

As I did my quiet time today, the words jumped out at me. “God does not hide his will from you”. I had to think about that for a minute. Many of us spend so much time trying to figure out what God is telling us to do, not only in the large decisions, but in the everyday mundane choices we make in our lives. We forget that Christ gave us the answers to all of these questions in his Word, yet we passively place it on a shelf between church services.

We foolishly believe that if we copy the behavior and customs of those around us, we will find happiness. Happiness is found while resting in the palm of the one who created us- not in the things man has ordained as important. His answers are given to us in a tangible manner, if we choose to seek them and apply them.

The crux of the matter being that little word if.

Discussion: What is keeping you from discovering God’s will for your life? How often do you dive into the one place that can give you the answers to those questions? When was the last time you knew how “pleasing and perfect” His will truly is?

Wow, at this moment, this question is very hard for me to answer. I'm not in a very good place today. Struggling to find my piece of mind, you might say, as some of us have trouble doing everyday. Right now, I feel like I could fall into tears and my body just collapse and lay where it falls for the rest of the day.

This all started last night. I got frustrated with a couple of things and then, as per the usual, everything got frustrating and too difficult to deal with. I became overwhelmed emotionally. I remember, though, telling myself over and over again last night, "If it's the right thing for you to do, God will take care of it. God will make it right. God will see to it that everything works out how he wants it to be. If God doesn't want this for you, then that's that. Period." I vacillated between despair, anger, frustration and praying in earnest to God about what was on my heart.

As far as the question for today goes: I think I get in the way of myself when in comes to anything about knowing God. The only thing I know for sure about God's will is that he wants to bring me closer to him. He wants to conform me to be like his son, so I have to live this life learning to know him, love him, rely on him and obey him.

This question reminds me of something "Mom" Sikes used to ask the kids in our weekly bible study back when I was working in a street ministry. She would say very blunty, very matter-of-factly,"Have you even cracked that Bible open today?

I have to admit, I don't read Scripture as much as I should. I don't know anyone who does, frankly. Even most pastors, if they are honest, will admit that. And sometimes what I do read, I don't absorb because my mind is on other things; I'm not concentrating on submitting to the Holy Spirit so that I can be taught what God wants me to know or what he wants me to remember.

Man...there's only one thing I can do and that is to do my best when it comes to following Christ, admit when I'm wrong and try to do what I know is right. I don't think God keeps account of how many times I fall.

As a matter of fact: Psa 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. I do, however, believe that he does keep an account of how many times we accept his hand to get ourselves out of the hole we've dug. Jam 2:23 And the Scripture was fulfilled, saying, "And Abraham believed God, and it was counted for righteousness to him;" and he was called, Friend of God. Gen. 15:6; Isa. 41:8

No matter how much I get side-tracked, cry, get depressed, cut up my arms or whatever it is that I do, it's my opinion that if I do my best to get close to God by prayer and the reading of the Word; hiding it in my heart, that every other thing about my life God will take care of himself. It's been my experience that when I try to ask of God, "Which way do I go?" that I don't get an answer. Mainly because it's not up to me. It's up to him. The reason for that being that if I am in tune with and following the Holy Spirit's lead, I will go through the doors that God opens. (Granted, it doesn't always happen that way. Cracked clay jars. Yes?) But when I ask, "Should I pray? Should I read your Word?" The answer I get is a definitive, "Yes."

I'm not sure if I really answered the question. I hope this makes sense to someone.



Anonymous Nancze said...

I enjoy your post and you answered just fine. May you read more and pray more as all of us should. God Bless.

January 09, 2007 6:44 AM  

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