You Never Know The Importance Of Major Appliances

This is the danger of not owning one's own washer/dryer: You could possibly be carrying big bags of clean laundry to your car and fall off the, amazingly high and amazingly invisible, curb; you could twist your ankle so hard that you think you've broken your foot, bang your head on your car and have your back feel like a sumo wrestler walked on it while wearing 7 inch stripper heels (that's a visual, yes?).

I went to the doc the day after it happened, had my foot x-rayed (by the way, I said that three times yesterday in the telling of the story as "x-rated" and that was before the pain meds) and had my back looked at and the knot on my head examined. The verdict is that I've strained my foot (right on the inside of the ankle and down toward the arch) really badly. My back is pretty fucked up. That's nothing new. There's nothing wrong with it that wasn't wrong with it before. So, it's not worse. It will just hurt worse for a good while. At least the knot on my head isn't where you can see it.



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