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I'm going to have to start making it a habit to start posting on here again regularly. I always hate it when I go to blogs and the person hasn't posted in an eon. I've become that person. *sigh*

Also, in light of one of the comments I got on a recent post that I had to delete, I'm going to turn on comment moderation. I already have comment verification, but it seems that if some people are really determined, they can post all kinds of shit in your blog. Dammit. I'm not really pissed about that. It's more like I'm highly disappointed. That comment was some weird unintelligible crap, which by the way was so long it took me an age to read it and was complete drivel, that attempted to force a religious and political view on me.

Ok, I'm a Christian. I'm not shy about admitting that, but as far as I know and as long as I've had this blog, I've never tried to push my beliefs on anyone. I don't appreciate in the strongest way someone trying to do that to me and using my blog as a fucking platform (i.e. soapbox) to promulgate their bullshit. AND IT IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

So, now that I've gotten that frustration out...

I got a new job. I don't have to drive 30 miles to work the shitty one anymore. I'm happy about that. The new job is only about 10 minutes from my apt. I'm hostessing at a 5 star restaurant. I've said for years that I wouldn't get back into the service industry, but here I am again and I'm having fun. There's a small staff of waiters and all the chefs are so excellent. Even our manager went to culinary school. From what I can tell so far, everyone is really cool. I work my ass off, though. My legs hurt so bad when I get home. I just have to lay with the heating pad on my hip on top of my electric blanket turned up to 'high'. It takes the whole night for me to recover. Talk about feeling old. Jesus. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "It's only a hostess job. How hard could it be?" Well, hostessing in your local eatery is quite different that hostessing in a 5 star restaurant. I run my ass off every minute I'm there. Every day is a full house at all times the restaurant is open. So, I'm everywhere at once. At least it seems that way. At least there's a Starbuck's in the restaurant that we can get drinks from for free. Also, when the restaurant closes, around 2p or 2:30, any employee can get food for free to eat there or to take home. Y'all should have seen the box of food I brought home Sunday. Oy. I hurt myself.

The room mate situation is still great. Jerrod is wonderful and moody. I'm learning his habits, when he goes into his "cave" and such. He's learning faster than I am, though. I found out just by chance a couple of weeks ago that he keeps track of my menstrual cycle. That's a little bit more info that I've learned about him. Not that I mind, really. It just shows me that he cares about me, which I like. I really like that. He's become my best friend. Since my two girlfriends decided to go their own ways 5 months ago and not be in my life, Jerrod has been here for me. Yes, he's moody. Yes, he can be a typical man. But, he's so different from any other man I've ever met in so many ways. Like I said, he's become my best friend. Also, he's the only man I've ever felt completely comfortable around. God, what a relief. I have to admit that sometimes I still feel like I'm walking on eggshells, but I think that's more me than him. When he goes into his "cave", I tend to think that I've done something to make him want to avoid me; something to make him mad or irritated with me. It's never that, though. He's reassured me about that several times. So now, I try really hard not to bug him about it. I guess I just have to get over myself. Not everything revolves around me. I thought I knew that, you know? But I suppose when it comes to my relationship with Jerrod, I don't. I still have a lot to learn. So much.



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