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It's about time someone came up with a drug drug detox program that doesn't replace one addictive drug with another one. I've been looking at this website: Narconon Stone Hawk. They approach drug rehab from the point of view that another drug is not what the body needs when it's addicted. They believe that what the body needs when it's addicted to a drug is what the drug takes away from the body, like essential nutrients. Any drug a person takes in excess is going to rob the body of the things it needs to function at a healthy level. For instance, if a person is an alcoholic, they will have a deficiency of the complex of B vitamins. It's the alcohol that takes it right from the body, so when a person is detoxing from alcohol, it's the B vitamin deficiency that causes most of the problems.

Narconon Stone Hawk also provides Life Skills Courses and has an Aftercare Program for the people who choose to get help there. That's important because even if a person is no longer physically addicted to a drug, the mental addiction is probably still there. Coping skills have to be taught and implemented in order for a person to be able to face and overcome the mental onslaught that inevitably comes when they are released from treatment. That's also why it's important to have the Aftercare Program. If I were the person seeking treatment, I know it would make me more comfortable to know that I could get care after I was released from initial treatment.

This is the first drug treatment center that I could really get behind. I'm a strong proponent of vitamin supplementation and the healing power of food. I know from personal experience how much of a difference in health they make.



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