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The nice people in the ad network over at PayPerPost have just introduced a new way for posties and non-posties (but hopefully potential posties) to make money. It's called Review My Post.

The details of it are basically: you click on the link I have put at the bottom of every one of my PayPerPost posts, review that post, and you get $7.50! How hard is that? It's a special offer created just for each individual that clicks on the link at the bottom of my posts.

The idea here is that once you see how easy it is to make money with PayPerPost, you'll want to become a postie (member) and make even more money! Also, once you become a member, you can click on other folks' blogs who have those little "Review My Post" links, write a review of their post, and make money that way too. Pretty cool. Yes? This is easy money. All of my life I heard the "old adage" (I don't know how "old" it is really.) that there's a difference between working hard and working smart. This is working smart. I fully expect this idea from PayPerPost will go over like gangbusters. I just don't see any reason why anyone wouldn't want to do it. I mean, who doesn't need some extra cash? I know I do.



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