Ok, I'm about to get ready to move (away from Dad). I've been searching all over Hell and back (Little Rock) to find the right place to move and one that would accept a co-signer because my credit is for shit. I have found 3 places:

1. apt. complex built 25 years ago, but just remodeled: downstairs: 1100 sq. ft, w/d (stackable), large patio w/wooden privacy fence, central h/a, carpeting, hardwood floors in kitchen and bathrooms, 2 bed/ 2 bath, freakin' hellalarge closets, has pool, within walking distance of Arkansas River (but it does have a tendency to flood down there sometimes if the rains are heavy and the river rises. I've seen it come all the way up through the river park and onto the adjacent roads. I don't think that particular apt. complex would flood bc it's on a hill, but the roads might and I might be stuck until the water receeds.), $690.00/mo w/$200 dep. and $400.00 pet dep. ($200.00 refundable), I can have all 4 of my cats, corporately owned.

2. 1920-30's built large 2-story brick colonial style house made into apts.: 2 bed/1 bath, 1100 sq. ft, not sure if has w/d, gas heat, window unit air conditioner, hardwood floors, upstairs, Capitol View area (within view of State Capitol and about 5 mins from downtown), $650.00/mo w/$300 dep., not sure if I can have all my cats. I met the man who owns it yesterday. He drove all the way over there to show me the apt. and then when he got there he realized that his wife had the key and she was in Malvern (45 mins away). So, I'm supposed to go over there at 1pm today to meet his wife and she's going to show me the apt.; individually owned.

3. 1920's built 2-story cottage: 1 bed/1 bath, carpeting, I can have my cats but don't know the pet dep. yet, not sure of the square footage (I went to look at it yesterday. All I could do was walk around the outside of it.), window unit air, gas heat, individually owned (I know the owner.), don't think it has w/d, advantage is that it is not connected to any other structure, has own driveway, rock pond in front, and is hidden from street view by the house in front of it, $525.00/mo, not sure of the dep. or pet dep. Just a side note: this cottage is about 4 or 5 houses down from where I lived with my mom when I was a child (right after my parents got divorced in 1974. I don't know if that's good or bad.

I called the Little Rock Police Dept. and asked them about the safety of these neighborhoods and got a green light for all of them. I'm also going to see the inside of the cottage today after I go to see the 2 bedrm in the brick house. I don't know. If I can't have all of my cats in the last two, then I'm going to have to go with the most expensive one, because I can't live anywhere without my cats. On the other hand, if I can have all my cats at the brick house, I would prefer hardwood floors over carpet because of my allergies (carpet gives me fits). But then the cottage is the least amount of rent and it's so freakin' cute.

I guess I'll update on this when I get back this afternoon.



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