Like Lemons? I Don't.

Ever bought a car; been so excited about it and then have it start falling apart right after you get it? Don't answer that. I know you have. I have. I once bought a used Fiero and one thing after another kept falling off of it or going wrong with it. It was like I not only bought the car, but I bought some invisible gremlins to go along with it. That's not the only used car I've had troubles with. I had one more recently, that when I would turn the air/heat on at night (of course the headlights were on), the headlights would go out. Also, sometimes, when I was sitting at a stop sign or red light, the car would just magically shift from Drive into Neutral and then die. Eventually, the entire dashboard had to be taken out in order to fix those little problems. They were connected. Who knew? I didn't know one part of a car could operate without the other parts working correctly. I'm not bitter, though.

The thing is I never had my cars checked out through a site like Lemonfree.com. I think it would have saved me a lot of headaches, and even more so, a lot of money.

Here's just some of theCars For Sale at Lemonfree.com:

Ford F 150"
Chevrolet Silverado

Toyota Corolla
Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

Ford Explorer

Honda Civic

If you have a used car you want to list in Lemonfree.com's online classifieds. You can. Free.
If you are looking to buy a used car, you can browse Lemonfree.com's classifieds. Free.

Go and get yourself a car that you won't have to run with like the Flintstones did. Get one that has an engine and all it's other various and sundry parts working at a price you can afford.

Ford Mustang

Personally, these are my favorites:

1966 Ford Fairline Convertible

1955 Ford Ranch Wagon

What can I say? I guess I'm vintage.



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