I'm Makin' Money!

I had never heard of consumer generated advertising until I came across Cat's blog where I saw she was doing posts for PayPerPost. So, I bookmarked the page and didn't think much about it and then a few weeks later, I was thinking about the fact that I needed some money and how to go about making some. It was then that I remembered about the PayPerPost link I had bookmarked. I thought, "I can actually just write about stuff on my blog and get paid for it? This is unreal." So, I got to setting up my account and I started posting!

Some of my posts for PayPerPost and their titles have been, admittedly, odd. Considering that I'm odd...well, you get the picture. Right? I've done posts titled "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Gangster Had A Very Shiny Gun", "Does This Lock Make Me Look Fat?", "And The Heavens Opened And The Angels Sang Hallelujah". All of these and the many others that I've done have so far made me about $200.00 dollars (Well, to be exact $160.20, but I only need $40.00 more dollars to make it to $200.00.) and I've only been doing this since December 31 and on only one blog. I think that's pretty good. My aim is to make $10.00 per day and post 7 days a week. The money I will get from that goal will really help me with my rent. I'm counting on it, so I'm gonna be postin' my lil' heart out! As someone once said, "It's all about the Benjamins, baby!"



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