Clonazapam (Klonopin)

This is marketed by Roche Pharmaceuticals. Since I am taking it currently and am weaning myself off of it and am experiencing some withdrawal symptoms, I thought I'd post some info here about it for anyone else who is or has taken it and wanted more info on it.

My withdrawal symptoms haven't been really severe. My hands shake a lot and my body shivers a lot, I'm more agitated/nervous and more likely to have a panic attack. I also am experienceing some confusion. Mostly this happens first thing in the morning and then I'm ok once I take my morning dosage. I went from taking 4-.5 pills/day to taking 3-.5 pills/day. One in the morning and two at night before bed. My psychiatrist has started me on the upward titration of Lamictal and I am at 100mg/day right now, but he wants me to eventually be at 200-250mg/day. He says that when I'm there, I won't need the Klonopin anymore. I hope he's right. I hate knowing that I'm addicted to something yet still have to take it.

General info by users of Klonopin on effectiveness and side effects:
Pych Central

If you're into reading really technical/scientific stuff, then the Roche Pharmaceuticals site is where you should go:
Roche Pharmaceuticals: Our Products
(I took a senior level Psychopharmaceutical class which went over several classes of drugs and how they chemically interact with the brain and this page was still a bit confusing for me, but then, I've never liked tables. I like everything to be written out for me in clear, concise words-not symbols.)

Last, but not least, here is the Wikipedia site for info on Klonopin. It has basically the same info as the Roche Pharmaceutical page, but it is easier to understand:

Again, the comment also brought over from Humanus Vegetalis.

RainMaker said...

How has this been working? I'm not sure where your doc is getting his info. Stopping the mood swings does not stop the anxiety most of the time. It stops the depression, but many people continue on in having the depression. The fact that he's taking you off the Klonopin before he has you stable on the Lamictal is of great concern!



Blogger GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Dear Robyn, Please see your yahoo email immediately. These are NOT w/drawal symptoms to ignore. They are serious. Thi is NOT the way to wean off Klonopin w/ the symptoms you are describing nor before you are STABLE on another medication.

Weaning off of Klonopin in the wrong fashion often results in depression, even suicide. IT is vital you call your dr or an ER NOW! (I am not overreacting. I have medical background far more than one class. Please read my email carefully.)

February 10, 2007 8:13 AM  
Blogger Anias Nin said...

I'm stable on Lamictal now (200mg daily for about 2 months now), still taking 80mg of Prozac and 3-.5 tablets of Klonopin daily. I still wake up shivering and my hands shake, but since I haven't altered my dosage of Klonopin for some time, I'm not sure that it's the Klonopin that's making me shiver and shake. It might be the hypoglycemia. I have an appt. with my new GP in a few days, so I'll ask him about it. I also got a new Psychiatrist whom I saw yesterday for the first time. When she saw that I was on Klonopin, she told me in no uncertain terms that she "didn't like Benzos" and that she believes "they do a disservice to the patient", but since I'm already on them she said she wasn't going to change the dosage, or for that matter, any other of my meds since it seems I'm gimpily crawling out of the darkness. I haven't posted about all the things that are happening right now that are just amazing, but I will. And I did read your email. I do take it seriously, but just to calm your worries, please know that I'm not being weaned off Klonopin anymore. I think I'm going to stay on this dosage.

February 10, 2007 12:08 PM  

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