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VR Hosted has now become Net Actuate. They have some new plans and programs for domain hosting since they've changed their name.

First, about Net Actuate, they are an internet presence provider, specializing in highly redundant, load balanced, multi-homed architecture. As a staunch supporter of Open Source Projects, they provide architecture needs assessment and custom consulting services.

For individuals, they offer web hosting plans for the beginner or expert user. Great for family sites, blogs, and more. A full control panel, with over 50 installable open source scripts, template sites, webmail, and secure email access are just starters. If you're looking for more control, their entry level Server Colocation options can provide you with enterprise level service, high bandwidth connectivity and SLA's usually reserved for large businesses.

Photo Gallery Hosting

Easily share those great pictures from your new digital camera with friends and family.

Domain Registration

SSL Certificate

Secure your website with industry leading SSL certificates. Optional trustlogo included, compatible with 99.9% of all browsers.

Virtual Servers

A great alternative to colocation, for experienced individuals looking for full root access and complete control to their server.

Get Hosted
5gb space, 10 domains, 100gb transfer. $10/mo
Get Colocated
1u, 1000gb transfer, Remote Reboots. $99/mo

What makes us different?
"We pride ourselves on our service and our commitment to keeping your web site online. If you don't know about multiple DNS servers, multiple backup mail spoolers, and daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your data, relax. You just need to know that your web site will always be up, your email delivered, and your photos visible."

Expert users
"If you understand the under-the-hood details, you'll also want to know that our shared hosting plans run on P4 Intel systems using the FreeBSD platform, attached to our Tier 1 carrier class redundant backbone. Because we’re also developers and web presence designers, we can support your additional needs, including perl or php module support, third party image libraries, and system utilities. You'll also want to know that each of our packages includes a dedicated IP and the potential to purchase an SSL Certificate for your domain. Expert users also get SSH Access to our servers.

We let you have management of your site with SSH Access, SFTP, Secure/Imap and Secure/Pop3 but pride ourselves in maintaining a secure environment. All control panel, webmail, and other account logins are protected by 128bit SSL encryption."

To be quite honest, in my humble opinion, the site seems to offer a range of services for reasonable prices, but some of the links on the site are snarky and some of them that are supposed to lead to different places all lead to the same page, so you wind up getting the same information over and over again. I recommend using the top-of-the-page link list instead of the ones underneath the various text blurbs. Also, some of the pages are really slow to load and I had a lot of trouble getting the links to the various ones I listed here and some of them go to the same page, because I couldn't get the individual page to load. I have a fast broadband connection and I checked my connectivity, so I know it wasn't anything going on from my end.

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