I'm Never Too Old For Dolls

When I was a girl, I played Dress Up Games all the time and whatever I was dressed as, the doll I happened to be playing with had to be dressed either similarly to me or whatever mood I happened to fancy them in. All of my dolls had their own wardrobes. (I guess I've been obsessed with clothes and shoes since then. I just realized that. :-) )

This site The Doll Place lets you make your own virtual dolls. I've seen a site similar to this before, but this one is way better. The other site took forever-and-a-day to load, but this one takes only a few seconds. All of the pages are like that. There's so many dolls to choose from.

This one looks like a pink fairy to me. I love fairies.Still though, maybe she's an angel. A winter angel by the looks of it. Angels are very cool too. (Yes. I'm still 8 years old.)

Cinderella at the ball? Maybe a Christmas ball. She has the crown on, so this must be after she met and married Prince Charming and was living "happily ever after". That's one big reason I like dolls, because I can really envision in my mind a happily ever after. I suppose it's an escape mechanism, but whatever, it makes me feel better even if I'm too old for dolls (which I'm not by the way; just fyi).

At first glance, I thought this one was a fairy too, but on closer inspection I realized that she's a sorceress. See the wand in her right hand and the globe she's suspending over her left hand? This one is my favorite. I like the light blue dress and the dark blue sash and braided hair.

The Doll Palace is also a great website for those of you who have little girls who love dolls and making dolls (Or little boys if that's what they like to do. I've known little boys who like to play with dolls. I don't see anything wrong with it). I know if I could spend hours on this site making all kinds of dolls, children would love it. Not only does it provide them with entertainment, but it gets them more acquainted with using a computer (like they're not already jeezlouise) and it gives them a sense of accomplishment in making their own individual dolls to suit their own tastes and to play fashion games dressing up the dolls with their friends.

They could even print them out (on pretty thick paper of course) and put them on their school note books, attatch cloth to the back of them and sew them to their backpacks (again using a heavy-weight paper; or they could just glue them with superglue onto their backpacks), or enlarge them on glossy paper and tack them to their bedroom walls. Endless possibilities for creativity. They get a chance to be their own dollmaker!

This post is sponsored by The Doll Palace.



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