Busting Out

I have so many problems finding clothes to fit me, because even though I'm considered "full-figured", I'm really not. The only reason I get that label is because I have unusually large breasts. You cannot imagine how hard it is to find clothes to fit an average size body with above average size breasts. Forget about those matching suits or suit dresses. Every time I try on a suit dress, I can get it zipped up to just right above my waist and no more.

Finally there's a company, Eris Apparel, that makes clothes for us women who are unusually top heavy (D-G). This is an amazing idea and I'm surprised that I've never heard of the company before, but now I'm going to tell everyone I know! Most of my friends are like me, average body with very, very large breasts.

You know, I used to love to go shopping when I was younger, because everything fit me. It didn't matter what I tried on. I can't describe the frustration, anger and depression now when I go shopping. It's like a follow the X to the treasure thing, only the X keeps moving.

I'm going to check them out and you'll probably being seeing me posting about my new Eris clothes in a few weeks! (I lovelovelove new clothes!)

Eris Apparel

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