The Word of The Day~Encouragement. It's Click and Comment Monday.

C&C Monday again. This is your last chance to visit my renter Haunted House Dressing. If you want an interesting read, go there. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it.

After you've done that, visit someone else. Jeremy, at Haunted House Dressing doesn't have a blogroll (if he does I didn't see it), so click on someone on my blogroll. Leave a thoughtful comment on one of their posts. Whichever one that interests you. Then, continue the process as long as you wish.

I've been trying to do this every Monday for several weeks now and I've found some new friends because of it. Even though I have all those blog traffic expanding sites I belong to, I really don't blog for the traffic numbers. I blog for the connection. I need the connection. Don't you?

Please leave me a comment on one of my posts and leave your link in the Mr. Linky widget thing below. Like I said before, whichever one interests you, then go visit Jeremy. It would make me feel better today to know that I have that connection. I'm feeling sad, not for myself though. (see previous post) Not that I'm using this as a pathetic attempt to gain sympathy. Not at all. I just feel the need for connection even if it is via the internet. I'm sure a lot of other people feel this way, otherwise there wouldn't be so many thousands of blogs.



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