Roses Are Black, Violets Are...Blue?

I know I'm pimpin' PayPerPost today, but I just can't help it. I finally found a way to work smart instead of work hard. I can't tell y'all how much that means to me.

Anyway, PayPerPost has a blog that y'all might want to check out. It recounts the day-to-day events, opinions and whatnot of the different employees of PayPerPost. As far as I can tell, any employee of PayPerPost can post on the blog. For those of us who blog and who like to read blogs, it might prove an interesting read.

One of the employees,X, posted about getting a black rose in a box on her desk one day. It was a complete surprise. The rose was black because the company that sent it specializes in sending roses that are cut and then dried and sent when they achieve the right color. I particularly liked this post, because every rose I've ever gotten I've dried and saved. I have them all over in vases and various pots. I think they're beautiful and they serve to remind me of how fragile everything about me and about life is, but yet how beautiful it can be even when it's decaying.

So, go read it.

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