Roomie 'O The Week

NOTICE: I have a new renter this week: The Evolution of Gina.

She's a kind of philosoper-type person. It seems as though she is really interested in furthering herself and that she is open to new ideas. All-in-all, she seems really cool.

Her site looks great with pictures of herself across the top of the header as playing cards and the red, red roses in the background I just love.

Y'all go see her.

Here are the others who bid to be my renter this week. Again, y'all I'm so sorry that I can only choose one. Please keep bidding.

Quartz Mountain Communications
Info. Lots of it. Go check it out.

Forever 17
Ha! I wish I still looked like I did at 17! I'm glad I have the knowledge and been through the things I have, though. Also, high school was a bitch. Nevertheless, she's worth a good look if only to remind ourselves of what it was like to actually be 17.

Precious Distraction
Also a great blog. To be quite honest, I had trouble choosing between Gina and this one. I like them both. So please bid again and I'll pimp you out royally.



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