RockStartUp Episode #3

This is the 3rd installment of the RockStartUp reality show that PayPerPost is doing. It shows them moving out of a smallish, cramped office into a new and spacious one. Ted, the BMOC (Big Man On Campus) directs all the moving aspects, but actually only moves his own office. The rest of the employees move everything else and clean the seemingly endless dust off of the new furniture and other things around their new office-home. Ted seems affable enough, but does seem to spend most of his time trying to get other people to conform to his schedule. He's kind of like the "I want it done yesterday" kind of guy. It stresses him out. I can tell. This episode is actually mostly about Ted with the employees sort of in the background. I would personally like to see more of the employees. They seem more laid back than Ted does, not to say that I don't think he's a likeable guy. Like I said before, he seems affable enough. I think he might need some calming tea (decaf of course) or maybe some aromatherapy?

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