My Face Hurts

Ugh. My sinuses are killing me again. They're bad pretty much all the time, but mostly in spring and winter. Spring, because of allergies and winter, because of the dry heat. I'm like Nosebleed Queen.

You know, I like winter and all, if it just wasn't so cold. I can handle temps in the 30s even 20s sometimes, but when they drop into the teens-now that's just ridiculous. I know I sound whiny and spoiled because there are tons and tons of people who live in way colder places than I. One of my best friends is from Fargo, North Dakota. She told me once that they never closed the schools when she lived there because of snow, even though they got bucket-loads of it. They only closed school because it was too cold to go outside. Ok, weather that cold is just silly. (Note to self: Have a sit-down with God about how silly he can be with the weather.)

I get bronchitis every winter, at least once. Back in 2001, I got this nice little thing called a viral lung infection, which I couldn't take anti-biotics for because, of course, it was viral not bacterial. That lasted about 6 months while I continued to drag my pathetic self to class and back. Ever since then, I seem to be more prone to get lung infections. It's like my lungs are scarred or something.

Anyway, last winter, during one of my boughts with bronchitis, my dad got this bright idea that he should get me a humidifier. Y'all should have seen the look on his face. Ever had one of those "light bulb moments"? It was like that. He said, "We had to use a humidifier for you all the time when you were a baby! I bet it would work now!" Let me tell you, it did.He bought it (with my help of course because he doesn't know diddly about how to use a computer)from Honeywell.

When you have bronchitis, all you pray for is to be able to sleep prone (at least that's all I pray for), because, and I don't care what anyone says, sleeping propped up on pillows is not sleeping. All it gets you is a crick in the neck, which when added to the bronchitis, just makes you more miserable.

Now, I use that thing all the time for my sinuses and I haven't gotten bronchitis since I started using it. I don't want to get too gross here, but I think it has to do with the humidifier clearing the sinus cavities in my head; therefore, I have less sinus drainage leaking into my lungs when I sleep. However it works, I'm glad it does.

My dad is now trying to steal it from me because, he says, his hands and elbows are getting dry and cracked from the weather. I feel like a 5-year old being asked to share my Barbies. I don't want to share. I love my humidifier. I suppose I'll have to, though. I mean, I don't want him to get an infection because of his cracked skin.

So, if y'all are in need of a humidifier like me, here's where the info is on the Honeywell one we got (the page has a lot of other info on it too): Honeywell Humidifier Information.

I can't be the only one who has freaky, messed up sinuses.



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