If some of you haven't noticed, I've started blogging for PayPerPost. I hope I haven't been too annoying. I know I don't like to watch commercials on tv and these seem like they might be sort of the same thing. I've been trying to make them interesting, though. You know, kind of off-beat.

I'm loving PayPerPost because it's so easy for me to write about things. I write. That's what I do. (Well, I can sing pretty well, too, but I'm too shy to put it on here.) Anyway, I'm hoping that writing for PayPerPost is going to let me be able to buy some Christmas presents and maybe to buy books next semester and to help with my tuition. I like it also because they don't tell you exactly what it is that you have to write. They leave it up to you. I mean, they give you guidelines to go buy, but as long as you meet the guidelines, the rest is all you. I like that. I like being paid to post my opinion and to show things on my blog I think are worth showing. I like that the money I earn can be transferred to my PayPal account and from there directly to my bank account. I feel lucky to have found this since I don't have any other source of income right now and my FA advisor messed up my whole semester by writing down the wrong amount on my Income Verification sheet, resulting in my losing my entire Pell Grant. I am still angry about that, but I won't get into it here. This is about what I hope PayPerPost can do for me and what it's already done for me. My first post was rejected because I failed to follow the guidelines about where to post the link to the advertiser, but I made three others that were approved. And that within days of my posting them. I can't believe there's something like this to make money that is so easy to do. I've worked so hard all my life and now I can sit at my computer and get paid to blog. How cool is that? PayPerPost has given me hope and that is the most important thing, for me at least.(What have you got if you have no hope? I mean, really?) Hope that I can continue and bolstered my confidence in my writing skills.



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