I just signed up with Google Adsense. I'm sort of hesitant about placing blatant ads on my blog. One part of me says, "That's selling out" and then the other part says, "You dummy, you already do post for PayPerPost and get paid for that". The thing is that when I see a buttload of ads on other blogs it just irritates me. I've seen some that just overwhelm the whole page and it's like I'm asking myself, "What is this blog about?". It just gets annoying sometimes and I definitely don't want to be annoying.

I am an "artsy fartsy" type person and whatever I do, I want it to be as beautiful as I think it can be and the hippie in me (I get this from being raised in my early years by my mother.) balks at getting paid to do anything creative. Creativity should flow freely, like air, but a girl's gottagetta paycheck. Y'know? So, I am, and have been looking for ways to make money off my two blogs here on Blogger. I want them to be as unobstrusive as possible-as un-annoying as possible. Regarding the PayPerPost posts, I try to make them fit into my blog as much as possible and I try to be creative with them as much as I can.

I hate commercials and I don't want either of my blogs to become one long, blatant commercially-driven irritation.



Anonymous gel said...

Good luck!
I understand.
I need to set up an art "store" online for my photos, notecards, prints of my artwork, jewelery I design, etc because of serious financial circumstances, but it's a hard balance since it's not my usual way of marketing.

December 28, 2006 11:17 AM  

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