Apples, Anyone?

This is one of the possible designs of the new Apple cell phone. Y'know Apple has come up with some pretty creative stuff. I'm just not so sure about the iPhone. Some of the possible designs include video screens. Are we supposed to be able to watch videos, listen to music, and talk on the phone with the same device? It sounds cool. I just don't know how they'd pull it off. I'm no computer whiz by any means, but my only question is, do we really need a videomusictelephone thingy? I suppose it would be really popular with the Mac crowd. I have some friends who are "Mac people" and they swear by them and have a devotion to Apple that fringes on religious. Apple has always prided itself on being an innovator, though, so I guess this is just the next step. I'm also wondering just how much something like this would cost. The 30G iPod is about $250 dollars. How much memory of the phone will be dedicated to music, how much to video and how much to the general phone things? How many gigs are we talking here? And, more importantly, how many dollars are we talking?

According to the site I hotlinked above,Everythingiphone.com, the first two iPhones will be released in January, but will only be sold exclusively through Cingular Wireless. I used to work for Cingular. I refuse to have Cingular service. There are better providers and that have better and more informed customer service agents. My experience with Cingular is that the amount of disinformation that is proliferated amongst the employees is just mind-numbing.
That aside, I think it would behoove Apple, if they intend to have a major succes with it's iPhone, like they have with the iPod that they make it available to all wireless service providers. It seems to me that anyone with common sense would know that.
EDIT: I just went back to the site and saw that the iPhone is being released to all wireless carriers. So, that's a check in the pocket for Apple. Also I found this to be so right-up-my-ally:

In the end, I guess I have to concede that it's a pretty cool idea. I don't know if I'd buy one, but I did ask for an iPod for Christmas. At least I can admit that I'm hypocritical.



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