And The Heavens Opened And The Angels Sang Hallelujah

Shopping (I love shopping.). At good places with coupon codes. *passes out*

Usually the coupon thingys I receive in my email are for things I would never use. I get stuff like 'save 15% on a purchase of 3 bowie knives'. Yeah. I know I live in Arkansas, but good God.

I'm so excited that I found this site that has coupons for online shopping for stuff that I'd actually buy. Like I said before, I won't be going to the mall or anywhere near Wal-Mart until after the new year. Large crowds make me paranoid. I also get the feeling that me and all the other people around are being herded like livestock. I mean, if you really look at the layout of most stores, they look like cattle runs and holding pens. Ok, I'm over-analyzing. Anyway, I feel like whoever invented online shopping did it just for me (because, you know, I'm self-important like that. whatever.). It makes me feel a lot safer to know that I can order gifts without having to navigate mothers with hysterically crying babies (you know they save that ear-piercing cry just for the mall), generally irritable people who would really like to shove you down the escalator and laugh as you break several bones on the way down, and the oh-so-disinterested sales people who would rather be walking on glass than be at work during the holidays.(Just fyi, I've worked retail during the holidays. It gives you a totally different view of people. Really.)

Here's the website addy: www.couponchief.com
I was excited to see a bunch of coupons for Best Buy. I freakin' love Best Buy. I can spend hours in there. The last time I was in there with Sally, we happened to pass the display of the new PS3 and I did the "Vanna White" thing at the display all the while singing the Hallelujah chorus. Sally was like, "You are such a freak." I said, laughing, "Did you just figure that out?"

I had heard about online coupons before this, but I just figured that they were, you know, like the ones I had received in my email: crappy. You can bet'cher bottom I'll be using this one.



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