Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)

EDIT: Because I was so tired when I was posting this on Wednesday, I put the wrong Mr. Linky code at the bottom. It's not TT. It's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday. I've got Ever Linkies now and I don't know how to change the widget once it's been designated the first time. Still, if anyone wants to leave thier blog addy and name in the widget, feel free. I'll come and visit you, too.



Blogger reddragonsangel said...

ahhhh, I am worried about you- are you ok- please don't hurt yourself any more- you are gonna be ok and I hate to see you let the trolls get to you- i checked out the site that wrecked you, and it seems that they make it a game to be obnoxious- no one is safe- and really this blog is more for you and your feelings than for others to judge- is it not? and think of it this way- if someone stumbles accross you and your journal writings- and you inspire them, give them hope, or make them feel that they are not alone and they to can survive- isn't that what matters? not what a bunch of folks who set up a site to rip apart and make fun of others writings! By the way- LLLOOOOVEEE Tori Amos- good choice- and take care of you- I'll be checking in- thanks for stopping by and for the kind remarks, can I link to you on a blog roll?

November 03, 2006 2:07 PM  
Blogger Anias Nin said...

Thanks so much for checking on me. :) I'm ok. My arm hurts, but it's ok otherwise. No need for stitches or anything.

I told one of my best friends about this whole thing and she said,"Why should you let those assholes influence you? Who are they to you? They're no one. They're nothing to you." God, I'm so thankful for my friends. Thanks also for the encouragement. I think it's really kind of you.

Of course you can link me on a blogroll. I would love that. :D

November 03, 2006 2:15 PM  

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