Just What Kind Of Dressing Does One Put On A Haunted House?

If y'all haven't noticed yet, I have a new renter this week, Haunted House Dressing. His name is Jeremy Shipp, he's the author of several books and let me tell you something (and this is coming from a person who knows she's crazy), this guy is crazy. Not like in a I'm-a-random-serial-killer kind of way, but more like wow-I-really-loveMonty-Python kind of way (I do really love Monty Python, btw). His blog seems like it's mostly conversations he has with himself. I could be wrong. The other person could be flesh and blood, but he never really says yay or nay about that. That's not to say that I don't have conversations with myself all the time. I do, and believe you me, they're weird (Just last night, as I was cleaning out my belly button, I wondered to myself, "How many people clean out their belly buttons on a regular basis?" Another voice said, "It's not like it's a major body part to clean like armpits. It's just kind of there, mostly unnoticable." So, just so you know. I do understand the talking-to-yourself-thing.). Just not like he does. His imagination far outdoes mine by a long-shot. Y'all should give him a read. To say that he's interesting would be a gross understatement.



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