Money Does Grow On Trees, Mom.

I was trying to think last night, as I was Christmas shopping for Tanya, what exactly is it that I like about the "Holidays", specifically Christmas. Christmas has never been a great time for me. Something always seems to happen that knocks the wind out of me or my legs out from underneath me. I don't know if it's just me that this happens to or if the stars get somehow misaligned at Christmas-time or what.

What I do like is giving and receiving gifts. Actually, I like giving more than receiving. I know, I know it's hard to believe and it sounds like I might be lying about myself, but it's true. I'm a sucker for giving people things I think they might like or know that they really want. I love the suspension they get before they open the gift and the smiles afterward. Plus I get hugs, which is a bonus.

In my family we draw names at Thanksgiving to see who gets whom a gift. We started (actually I wasn't really part of the starting because I was too young) this as a way of saving money at Christmas-time because you know, money doesn't grow on trees, as my mother was so fond of telling me when I was young. (Wouldn't that be cool, though? You could just pick it whenever. Someone should make a tree that grows money. That's what I think, anyway. Just to prove my mother wrong.)

Drawing names isn't a bad idea in itself. The thing is, in my family, none of us know each other well enough to know what to get each other. So, we all try to covertly ask around to other family members who got whose name and reveal whose name we got and try to find out what that person wants for Christmas. Actually, it's really not that "covert". One year, I got my cousin, Darren, out of the hat-'o-names and was absolutely clueless about what to get him. So, I called his mom and asked her outright. She said, quickly, in her English cockney accent, "Oh, anythin' that's edible!"

I'm not sure really, but I think that's kind of sad that a group of people who call themselves "family" don't know each other well enough to know what kind of Christmas presents to give. I'm not pointing my finger here. As I said, I'm guilty of it too. I wish I knew my family better and they me.

Ok, I like the gift-giving, but I don't like the gift-buying. Mostly because I'm a huge procrastinator and never seem to get gifts until right before Christmas, which is, unfortunately, when everyone else is buying Christmas presents. I don't like large crowds (I mentioned that a few posts back.) and if I could, I would do all of my Christmas shopping online from my bigcomfychair. Also, it seems like everyone gets on each other's nerves more at Christmas than at any other time. I find this odd because we're supposed to be celebrating the birth of Christ or if not Christ, at least the arrival of Santa Claus. If not Santa, at least the celebration of getting presents and eating lots and lots of good food.

Again, not pointing my finger at anyone, because I'm just as guilty as everyone else. Things just seem to go off-kilter at Christmas. Should it be that way? I don't think so and I fervently wish/pray every year that it won't be that way. I wish we all could be more relaxed and not so harried.

So, I saw this website I liked today where I can buy all kinds of gifts for those people in my family who have everything and whom I struggle to buy gifts for. It's called Delightful Deliveries.com. You can order and pay for your stuff online and they deliver it right to your door! (I know I seem weirdly amazed by this, but I've hardly ever had anything delivered to my door that wasn't a bill. Y'all know what I mean, right? I'm not the only one?) I know I would be giggly like a schoolgirl if I got a surprise Christmas gift delivered right to my door.

They have things like this:

and this:

Plus a whole truckload more stuff. Stuff for baby showers, birthdays, personalized stuff. They even have an organic fruit club *gasp* where you sign up and recieve different organic fruits delivered to you every month. Or you can order it for someone else. (hinthinhint) Y'all they even have Gourmet Meals. How sweet is that? And some of the stuff they have is only $15.00 dollars. That's definitely going my way. Of course, they have more expensive things, too. A person could spend up to $1000.00 dollars on one gift from there. (GodpleasegivemeathousanddollarsGodpleasegivemeathousanddollars)

I just love this site, y'all! The gift baskets and such are so originally designed. That's one thing I like best, besides the fact that it's food, of course. (I have a love/hate relationship with food. I love it. It hates my hips. Oh well, at least I get to eat well. :D) I don't know about you guys, but I like to buy gifts for people that are original. Something that you can't get just anywhere. It makes it special, you know?

They say they are America's #1 Gift Basket Website. With stuff like they have I'm not surprised!

Anyway, I'm really Chatty Cathy today, aren't I? I swear I haven't drunk a whole pot of coffee. I guess it's just a good day. Thank God.



Anonymous eph2810 said...

I have been buying Christmas gifts online for the past 4 years. I do not like big crowds either. I get really nervous -- so you will not find me near a mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas :). I have to check out this site over the weekend...
Thank you for stopping by today.

BTW - the city the photo is taken is Bruxelles, Belgium :)

November 30, 2006 12:23 AM  
Blogger cathrina said...

thanks for the site, i was looking something simple and within budget.. even i dont like big crowds either..but sometimes do feel like to get lost among the million..cheerio..

November 30, 2006 2:09 AM  

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