If I Got Someone Else To Cut And Scar Me, It Wouldn't Be A Mental Disorder. It Would Be Called "Body Modification"~Scarification. Strange?

I cut my arm up again last night just after I wrote that long, angry post about my past. This is the worst yet. I seem to be more and more vicious with the cutting every time I do it.

I triggered myself and I'm so, so sorry if anyone who reads that gets triggered by it. I was so angry and I just had to get it out, y'know? I think that if a person holds in the things that make them angry that it eats away at you from the inside out until you're just a shell of a person. It destroys you. Trust me when I say that I am an expert at pushing my anger down and down until it feels like a stone in my stomach. Anyway, no more writing, for now, anyway. I was going to post some songs, but it seems like the server that I host my music on is down right now. Maybe I'll get to post some later.

EDIT: My music hosting service is back up, so I'm going to put a couple of songs on here that I love and that touch my heart.

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Tori Amos~Me And A Gun

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Tori Amos~Silent All These Years

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Over The Rhine~I Will Not Eat The Darkness



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