Click and Comment Monday

In my continuing quest to redeem Monday from it's terrible reputation and to discover new blogs and to possibly make new friends, I join again Click & Comment Monday. Cat has been hosting this for...I don't know how long. I, personally, think it's a good idea. It keeps Monday from being blah for me. I actually have something to look forward to on Monday's instead of groaning about how the weekend is over. (I don't really do anything on the weekends mostly because of lack of money, but; nevertheless, if there's something to complain about you can bet I'll find it.)

Anyway, I'm going to try and visit at least 5 blogs today and leave a thoughtful comment. Something besides, "Happy C&C Monday", which I admit I have been very guilty of lately. I'm lazy. Lazy blogger. It takes a lot more energy to actually go through some posts on a person's blog and find something that interests you to comment on than to just leave a generic comment. At least that's how it is for me. Thinking is hard, right? It's not just me that gets the "brain block" that makes you a blogging zombie?

I encourage everyone who comes to my blog to find something to comment on (God, y'all know there's plenty of posts about everything from my being totally nutbar-ish to coffee to farting. There's got to be something. At least I hope I'm a bit interesting. I try to be.) and to visit at least 5 other blogs. You can start with my renter, The Screaming Pages, which would be a very good start since she's uber-interesting and intelligent and this is your last chance to visit her while she's my renter (EDIT She is not my renter anymore as of a few minutes ago, but I'm still going to pimp her out in this post just because I like her. So get yer butt on over there). After you get to her blog and comment, find someone on her blogroll who catches your eye to visit. Leave them a nice little comment on something they posted and either click on their renter (if they have one) or someone on their blogroll and so on and so forth. It's a great way to increase your blog traffic and, like I said at the beginning of this post, is also a great way to discover people you might not have otherwise.

I think discovery is what keeps our brains well-oiled, so to speak. It's so easy to slip into that vegetative state where you just go through the motions of everyday life not thinking about one thing or the other, you know? I know it's so easy for me, at least, to slip into that state. I, for one, prefer to be a thinking, analyzing person who is trying to grow and learn from everything I encounter. It's hard, though, to have your brain "on" all the time that's why we have to do it a bit at a time and then take a break. Baby steps, right? It's all about baby steps.

So, I've opined enough, at least for now, I think. At the bottom of this post, there will be a Mr. Linky box where you can leave your name and blog addy when you comment and after you do that, I'll come and visit you! I'm a bit wordy. Just fyi.

Let's get to it, then!



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