Holy Eight-Legged Exoskeleton, Batman! It's Click and Comment Monday!

I feel:: surprisingly well. I wonder how long it will last?

This morning, after only being able to sleep for about 4 hours due to the stress of this thing going on with my financial aid (I'll have to post about that later when I don't have visions of storming into my financial aid counselor's office and doing her some major bodily harm along with the requisite derogatory curse words aimed at her self-esteem. Suffice it to say, I'm pissed.)I went to the kitchen, like I normally do to make my morning coffee and feed the cats. I tried not to notice the clock on the kitchen stove with it's red numbers flashing 5:30am (I went to bed, or rather I fell asleep around 12:30-1:00am-ish).

I went to pick up the cat bowls, which by this time were all over the kitchen. I don't know how they manage to scoot them around like they do. I find them in the weirdest places, like between the fridge and the cabinet where we keep our endless supply of empty Wall-Mart sacks so that we don't have to pay money to use the expensive itty-bitty trash can liners (Y'all do that right? Tell me y'all do that and I'm not the only one who has a horde of Wal-Mart sacks.).

Anyway, I picked up their water bowl, which is quite large, actually I think it's meant to be a dog bowl but when you have 4 cats you have to have a large water bowl. So, the first thing I see (and believe you me this was a stomach churning incident especially since I had not even had my coffee or my meds yet) is this HUGE, HAIRY, DEAD SPIDER floating in their water bowl. I swear, I almost vomited (remember me= bugphobic). I looked at my next to youngest cat, Mija, who is notorious for finding things and dropping them in the water bowl and asked him, "Did you kill this and drop it in the water bowl?" only to have him look at me innocently from his position atop the kitchen counter. (Just a side note: I talk to my cats like they can understand me and like they could actually respond if they wanted to. I know it's weird, but I'm an uber-cat person. Besides, I think they understand more than they let on. *suspicious*)

So, with much shivering and being totally grossed out, I fished the spider from the bowl and put it in the trash, then thoroughly cleaned the water bowl, refilled it and put it down for them. The other three were so grateful that they immediately all gathered around the water bowl and started to drink like they hadn't drunk in days. So, my suspicions are confirmed: Mija is the culprit. He also steals my hair ties and drops them either in the water bowl or the dry food bowl alternatively. When he drops my hair ties in the dry food bowl, he only eats the food that's inside the circle of the hair tie. I have come to the conclusion that I have an obsessive compulsive disordered cat. You should see how much time he takes just to clean his paws.

Just for a reference, here's a picture of Mija (btw, I named him that when he was 6 or 7 weeks old before I could tell he was a boy. If I had known he was a boy, I wouldn't have given him a girly name. Maybe that's the source of his strange behavior-he's gender confused.):
Mija somehow squeezed himself in between the space of my slide out keyboard thingy on my desk and my desk. Don't ask me how he did it, because he weighs 15 pounds.

So, it's Click and Comment Monday again. This is a thing that was started by Cat (Living With Multiple Personalities) to celebrate bloggers and their renters. I don't have a renter yet this week, so pick someone from my list, check out their blog and leave them a comment, then click on their renter or someone on their blogroll and do the same...so on and so forth. Try to do at least five today. I've found that I've made some new friends via C&C Monday and I know you will too and plus it increases your readership!

Also, I'm using Mr. Linky's Magical Widgets (see below) so when you leave your name and blog addy be sure to leave me a comment and I'll come to your page and give you one!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...hate spiders. Once I was opening the door and then I looked down and right below my hand...geh. And when I smushed it it looked like it lunged at me. Evil zombie spider.

September 25, 2006 11:29 AM  
Blogger Anias Nin said...

Ewwww. That's pretty gross. I've never had a spider jump at me. Freaky.

You should have seen that one in the cat's water bowl! It was like the size of a half-dollar and more hair than I've ever seen on a spider (like I get that close to them-whatever *shiver*). TOTALLY grossed me out.

September 25, 2006 8:51 PM  

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