Everything Is Right With The World (For Now, Anyway)

I feel:: like I need more coffee

I got my computer back the day before yesterday. I've just been too tired to post about it. I feel like all I do now is study and it's only just past the 2nd week of school (told you I'd be bitching about it by the 2nd week).

So, anyway, here's what happened:
One day, I turned it one and the screen made this frying-bacon-scary sound and then it went completely black. So, I took it to The-You-Know-Who-Squad and they told me that the backlight had gone out and that it would have to be sent off for service. Not only that, but also the guy I was talking to told me that it would take 3 weeks for me to get it back. At that, I think I raised my eyebrows so high that they disappeared into my hairline, my voice got all high and squeaky and any attempt to be cool flew right out the doors of Best Buy. I opened my mouth and what came out sounded like a 5-year old being sent to bed early. I squeaked,"You're kidding me! 3 Weeks?! I need that computer for school!".Saying that I needed it for school was a handy excuse for me being so freaked out. At least I could justify it to myself. I don't know how convinced Mr. Computer guy was. (This particular situation reminds me, now that I think about it, about another time when I totally freaked out over getting a key made at Wal-Mart. They made the wrong key (it was for my apartment) and I had to take it back only to be told by Mr. I'm-much-too-stoned-to-give-a-shit that I definitely had not purchased that key at that store. The only major problem with that, other than the fact that I had the receipt in my hand, was that at that time I had just quit smoking and was at that moment as strung out from the lack of nicotine as a person can be. I don't remember exactly what happened after that, but according to my friend, Alisha, who was with me, I threatened the stoner guy behind the counter with some sort of bodily violence which included damage to his family jewels. The result: I got a key that was made right and immediately after that, I squealed tires off to the nearest gas station to buy a pack of Camel Wides.)

After my over-obvious incredulity, and the-not-so-sly looks at my cleavage by Mr. Computer Guy, he told me that he would get the work expedited (Just for me. Isn't that nice? Who says boobs don't come in handy? I just never thought they would be my allies in getting my computer fixed faster than it would have been. Those Mr. Computer-type-guys have never really given me a second look. Or maybe they're just more sneaky than Mr. Average Joe.) Anyway, when I got it back last night, it turns out, according to another guy on the You-Know-Who-Squad that the Inverter had to be completely replaced. Thank God for warranties.

Well, I'm back now. Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Me especially, since I felt like a part of my body had been sawed off when I had to leave my computer at the store to be sent off for service and then be without it for the subsequent 10 or so days. Yes, I'm a wussy. I can't live without my computer. So there.



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