Verbos...Vocabulario...Verbos (oy ve) No Puedo Pensar Ahora!

I feel: extremely nervous and very tired

I have a two day job this week, tomorrow and Friday, at a health fair at a company in Little Rock. My job is to be the Spanish translator. I'm extremely nervous/anxious about it, considering I haven't had any Spanish classes for a few semesters. I've been working like a little Spanish conjugating verb bee making myself Excel spreadsheets of commonly used verbs, their tenses and conjugations. I got so busy, I even forgot to go by the temp agency today and pick up a time sheet. Ever since they called me, which was Friday morning, I haven't been able to sleep very well. I keep having imaginary conversations with myself in Spanish trying to figure out things that might come up during my time at this job or whatever I think might surprise me. I'm taking my (huge) Spanish/English dictionary with me and my book of 501 Spanish Verbs, just in case. God, I'm so nervous and I'm not even there yet. It's not 'till tomorrow morning. I think I need a Klonopin.

Edit:I actually had a panic attack right after I finished writing this. The kind where all of the muscles in my body spasm involuntarily and I feel like I'm having a heart attack.

Fun times...


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