The Same 2-3 Pounds Keep Haunting Me. I Feel Like I Just Want To Carve Them Off Of My Body.

I feel: content for the moment

I've either hit my first plateau or I've just become lazy. I would prefer to think the former rather than the latter, but I'm pretty lazy...

Ok. I'm setting a weight loss goal for myself for this week. I'm at 197 today. By next Tuesday, my goal is to have lost 3-4 pounds. That will put me at 194-193 and will also mean that I can wear more of my clothes. I'll be able to wear my size 14 jeans, skirts and slacks. (It will also mean that my back will hurt less since there will be 3-4 pounds less of me pressing on my nicely S-shaped spine. [sarcasm] I just love scoliosis. It's entertaining occasionally.[/sarcasm]) I'm not brave enough to wear shorts. I used to love wearing shorts, but now...God, I'm not even going to get started on that. Let's hope I have enough willpower to resist the ice cream aisle, Sonic and wherever else has ice cream. You guys know I have all those places scoped out, right? (RESISTANCE IS FUTILE...sometimes.)


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