I'll Take That Pink One

I feel: anxious with all these rednecks out here with projectile flammable things

No weight loss to report this week. No gain either, so I guess that's good.

I have my second interview at FedEx/Kinko's tomorrow at 11:00am. Not a second interview at the same place, but an interview at a different location. This one is downtown. I hope it goes well. I'm not feeling so great right now and I hope I can shake this funk by tomorrow. You know how sometimes that raincloud just stays over you for days (weeks, months, years) sometimes? Well, I'm hoping that this is just a one day thing. Actually, I didn't start feeling this way until a few minutes ago. Now that I think about it, my blood sugar dropped a few minutes ago and I'm just recovering from it. So, that might explain why I feel funky.

I got a new computer the other day. I can't believe I didn't come on here and prounounce it to the world like I was the town cryer. My other one seemed to just crap out on me, but when I took it up to Best Buy to have the techs look at it, it worked just fine. Grrrr. That cost me $69.00 just to have them look at it and tell me that it had some hardware issues, needed a RAM upgrade and possibly had a Trojan virus. Great. $69.00 just to tell me what I already knew. The tech told me that to fix it could quickly run into the hundreds of dollars and he said he didn't know if I wanted to invest that kind of money in an older computer. I thought, "It's only 4 years old forchrist'ssake." He was talking to me like I was carrying a Commodore 64. So, I called Dad (since it was his credit card that was going to be used for whatever was done to my comp/purchased...or whatever) and he said for me to just get a new one and that when my student loans came in this semester that I would only owe him half the total amount of what the new computer cost. I thought that was a good deal since I paid for the last one all on my own and it was like $2500.00 (Sony Vaio Laptop). I think when I bought it, not many people had laptops and the computer companies were just trying to push them into the market that's why it was so expensive. But it was top of the line when I bought it (40G hard drive, 256K RAM, CD/DVD player/burner...among many other things). I thought it was the coolest thing since I found cute heels that I could wear all night and not feel like some 19th century Chinese woman had bound my feet.

Anyway, I got another Vaio laptop. This one is quite a bit smaller, only 6lbs., and it has quite a bit more RAM. I think 1G of RAM and 100G hard drive. The sales guy pointed out to me that the running speed was 750. I really don't remember the correct terminology for it. All in all, a major upgrade at less than half the price of my old one. This one was $1300.00, but with the $69.00 I paid to have them look at my old one, the Microsoft Office Suite that I had to buy (bc I need it for school; papers out the asshole to write) which was $129.99 ON SALE along with the installation fee for that software bc "new computers only come with a trial version of Microsoft Word"[How can a computer NOT come with Word? I find that ridiculous.](I can't remember how much it was, but I could've installed the bloody thing myself), the 3 year service agreement ($300.00) and the $99 I had to pay them for file transfer from my old hard drive to my new one (which wasn't all they said it would be, by the way. I'm rather disappointed with the Geek Squad in that regard.), the total came to be just over $2,000.00. At the end, the salesman was trying to ply me with laptop bags, of which the least expensive was $40.00. No thanks, I'll go somewhere a lot cheaper for the bag (if I even need it) thankyouverymuch.

I'm acting like the whole thing was a bad experience. It wasn't really. I was just sort of in shock that I had to give up my old computer. Not only that, but I would have to leave the new one overnight, which meant no internet for me for that night and for most of the rest of the next day. Don't feel too sorry for me. I felt sorry enough for myself, which is kind of weird. Not that I'm not used to feeling sorry for myself. I can really get to pity-pot-sitting sometimes. It's just that if the computer were here and I had had access to the internet like I normally do, I wouldn't have felt so in shock. I felt like someone had cut my umbilical cord or yanked me roughly away from my mother's breast. It's ridiculous. I know it is. But I was so anxious that night that I couldn't sleep even with my nighttime Klonopin and the next day I called the techs like every two hours once the store was open to check on the status of my computer. At one point, I was so anxious that I had to take an extra Klonopin. Am I addicted to my computer and to the internet? I guess I am. The first step toward recovery is admission, so they say. At least that's what they say in AA. Is there an IAA(Internet Addicts Anonymous)?

I just came in from going outside to see all the commotion of the entire subdivision where I live shooting off fireworks. I love fireworks, but when one landed on the roof of my house, I got to thinking, "Rednecks with explosives...possibly/most likely drunk/high rednecks with explosives. I hope my house doesn't catch fire or anyone else's for that matter." It is weird seeing people actually shooting off fireworks. I lived for so long within the city limits of Little Rock that I had almost forgotten what it was like to see fireworks in the neighborhood. (It's illegal to shoot them in the city limits of Little Rock, but I live right on the county line bw Saline and Pulaski County. Little Rock City Limits ends less than a mile from my house. hehe)

I guess that's enough witless wanderings for now. Next time, I'll tell everyone about how I acted like a strung out Meth-head looking for my non-existent Ibuprofen when I was on my period last week. That should be amusing...or not...depending on your tolerance level of gross-ness.

Oh yeah, Happy 4th every body!


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