I Think I'm A Bit "Teched". My Granny Used To Tell Me That All The Time.

I am entirely too excited about browsing the school supply aisle at Wal-Mart and way too over-enthusiastic about picking out what supplies I want to buy. When I got home with my purchases last night, I spent the better part of an hour or so arranging said supplies. Which folders and tab dividers go in which notebook and in which order? Should I put my day classes in one notebook and my night classes in another? Or should I put my Physical Geology Lecture and Lab in one separate binder and the rest of my classes in the other binder? After I got finished doing all of that, I realized (after repeatedly forcing the largest binder into my Hello Kitty bookbag and repeatedly taking it out again) that there's no room for books with the binders in the bookbag I have, which means I'll have to get another one. When I look back at what I was doing last night, I realize that I must have looked like a 3-year-old taking things in and out of Mommy's bag.

Can you say "over-analyzation"? I think you can.

(Now I really can't wait for classes to start so I can start filling up my notebooks. I like the feel of paper when it's been written on both sides and I like the look of my notebooks when they're full of notes, handouts and such. Like I said-waaaay over-enthusiastic. I have a slight obsession with things being full. And no, I'm not being dirty.)

I'll be bemoaning the fact that I'm in school before the first month is out. I'm such a hypocrite...and on top of that I'm just extremely odd. At least I know this about myself. Ever since David died, I find myself being even more odd. Last night I backed into one of those carpeted poles at Wal-Mart and apologized to it. Right after that, Sally posed the question to the group of us (Tanya and myself being the other two.), "Collectively, just how much Klonopin are we on?"

I won't go into the The Three Bears reference, because that's just too gross. Funny...but gross.


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