My Cups Overfloweth..or...Maybe Not

I feel:: amused and sort of embarrassed

Last night I was again bitten by the cleaning bug. It happens every so often. (Mostly once a month.) Anway, I decided to take the seat cushion off of my bigcomfychair and clean out what was underneath it. Wow. I didn't find a lot of money: only a dime. But I did find 6 clothespins. (wtf?) Also, the weirdest, or maybe the funniest thing I found, depending on your perspective was: a bra stuck between the back and the bottom seat of my chair. I don't think any of you who read this have ever seen me,but if you had you might understand how it might be sort of funny/weird to find one of my bras stuck in such a very small place. (I can't even begin to imagine how it got there.)To find out how funny this is (and just how people regard my breasts) read my post here:
  • Some People Need A Good Bitch Slap

  • So it goes with the cleaning bug. I wonder what I'll find today....


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