I Been Eatin' A Shitload of Ice Cream

I feel:: shaky, hungry, busy

I've gained back 2 pounds, which is amazing considering all the ice cream I've been eating for the past two weeks. I'm going back to the no-sugar-mostly-protein-thing today. So, maybe next week, I'll have some weight loss to report.

I have a job interview today at FedEx/Kinko's. The one on Shackelford. I don't exactly know what the job entails; I had to apply for it online and the job description was kind of vague, but right after I finished doing that I called the Asst. Manager at that store and told her that I just submitted my application online and she wanted to interview me right away. So, I'm going there at 3:00pm today. I also applied for another position at the FedEx/Kinkos downtown. I think that position is more of an office-type thing. Not really sure about that one either, but I called the Asst. Manager of that store and I have an interview with him on July 5. I can't believe I set up two interviews for myself in the space of like 15 minutes. Crazy. Anyway, if any of you want to pray, send good vibes/energy...I would totally appreciate it. I really need a job.

I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever. I've been upset about that asshole at church. I don't have time to go into it now, as I have to jump in the shower and start getting ready for my interview, but I'll try to post about it later. Suffice it to say, one part of me wants to open up a can of WHOOPASS on him and the other part of me just wants to leave it alone and find a new church to go to. I would appreciate prayer/energy/vibes...whatever you're comfortable with about that issue as well. I don't want to wind up right-hooking him in his jaw.


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