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I feel:: excited
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Tori Amos~ Cornflake Girl

I have a job interview this morning for a particularly good job at UAMS. It's not actually at UAMS, it's right behind Children's Hospital, but it's part of UAMS. Anyway, the position is Executive Assistant for Pediatrics at the L. Dennis Developmental Center. I've been thinking of going into Pediatric Clinical Psychology as my specialty in graduate school, so this would be a perfect opportunity for me to get some experience and to get to know some Psychiatrists who could give me recommendations for grad. school. Not to mention the fact that it's a state job and all the state benefits come along with it, like: insurance, paid state holidays, 401k, retirement, dental...etc. And I could start going on vacations again to Florida with Sally and Tanya. Damn, I miss that. I could pay off all my CC bills. Those things are a damn nuisance. I could start saving money to finally move out of here and get away from Dad. Plus, as an employee at UAMS, I would get 70% off my tuition at UALR. I really want this job. I want them to hire me today: on the spot. I talked to Sally about it yesterday and she said that since they called me so soon after my putting my application online that they really must need someone (It's only been like a week since I put in my applications there.) So, anyway, I'm excited, nervous, anxious. So, y'all, please pray for me or send me some energy or whatever it is you feel comfortable doing. I would really appreciate it.


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