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I feel:: sick & itchy

I lost 2 more pounds.

Amazing that I didn't lose more considering while I was sick last week I didn't eat for 3 days. I was out for the count all of last week. I don't know what that shit was, but it was awful. I figured that my immune system was making my body hold on to the weight so that I wouldn't get any sicker. At least I lost 2 pounds.

I'm still sort of sick, though. I have that run-over-by-a-truck feeling. I thought I had shingles again because I got a blistery rash in the same place that it came up last time and I've got that flu-ish feeling. Also, I don't seem to be able to sustain even mild physical activity for very long without my muscles getting fatigued, getting feverish, shaky, dizzy and sweaty. I don't know though. The rash isn't so bad this time, but it's been there for like a week or so. Last time it went all the way around to my back and it hurt like a mother. But, I have been and keep dosing myself with herbs, supplements and superfoods, so maybe that's why it's not so bad this time. Mainly, it itches a lot and I have to catch myself to keep from scratching it.

So, I'm sure you all wanted to know the intimate details of my health. Super interesting, isn't it?

Along a different line of thought: I've been waking up with 80's country songs playing in my head for the past week. Must be the fever. ;)


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