Last night I dreamt that I was a waitress in Alice's restaurant.

I feel:: anxious
there are times when silence is best and not even the voices in my head aren't talking

I have had a crick in my neck for 3 days. Probably stress: worrying about whether or not my financial aid letter will be approved and if they will give me my money back. School starts tomorrow and I have no money for books. I'm not sleeping much and I have all this energy. I'm having a manic episode.

So anyway, here's the classes that I registered for:
Psychology of Women
Drug Abuse
Counseling Psychology
I have now changed these classes to:
Sensation and Perception
Intro to Applied Psychology (I already have the book from last semester.)
Intermediate Spanish II (This will be my third time taking it because the first time, I failed because of my nervous breakdown. The second time I took it, I got a B. Now, it's been several semesters since I had any Spanish and the next class in order to take is Adavanced Composition and Syntax. I think I need a review before I tackle that class.)

I lost 2 pounds over the weekend from not being able to eat because of stress. While I like the fact that I've lost that smidge of weight, I don't like at all being stressed out this much.


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