Hitchin' the toe out- Pt. 2.

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What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Blue October~For My Brother

Ok, so to continue where I left off: I was at Whitewater Friday night with Tanya. Mike was there;Audie showed up after he got off work; D and Laurel had come to sit with us and I was checking out D because he was so good-looking.

After I watched D sit alone at the bar for an hour, Tanya got up from our table and said she was going over to one of the tables in the back to "mingle". So, I headed straight for the lone D. I sauntered my best sexy saunter up to him and said sweetly, "Why are you sitting here all by yourself?" He said, "I don't really know, but you can sit with me if you want to." Yes indeedy, I did. I made myself as comfortable as I could on the bar stool next to him (How comfortable can one be on a bar stool, anyway? Eventually, I always feel like I shoulda brought some Preparation H.).

We watched the band for a bit then started talking intermittently during times when the band was quiet-ish. He asked me what my name was again and a few minutes later, repeated it. I turned and said,"Yeah?" He said,"I'm just repeating your name to myself so I don't forget it." I smiled a half-smile and said while turning back to watch the band,"That's good." He asked me where I worked; I told him I was a student double-majoring in Psychology and Spanish. He asked me if I went out a lot. I said, "No, because I study mostly on the weekends because I'm a geek like that." He seemed impressed and said something like, "It's hard to balance studying and going out. I respect you for wanting to be educated. You don't meet a lot of women in bars who are." To which, I responded by smiling at him and thinking that I wanted to grab his face that very minute and plant a good kiss on his lovely lips, but I remained silent and smiling. We talked some more and at one point, he started digging through his coat pockets looking for something. He procured his cell finally. I thought he had a phone call, so I turned back toward the band, but he leaned toward me and said casually, "Hey, what's your number?" I was surprised at how natural that question sounded coming from him. There was no artifice behind it at all. It was almost like we'd known each other for months and maybe he'd just changed phones and was re-putting all of his numbers in his new one. So, stunned, I recited my phone number to him and he put it in his phone along with my correctly-spelled name. He made it a point to ask me how I spelled it. I thought that was nice since most people just assume and get it wrong.

I noticed that throughout our converstion, he would occasionally look back at the bar where he had had his drink sitting (He had finished it by that time.). One of these times I said,"What are you looking for?" He said,"I'm wishing that I had another drink and I keep thinking that if I wish hard enough one will appear behind me on the bar. I know I don't need another drink, but if one were there, I would drink it. I'm pretty buzzed now, but if I drink another drink, I know that my underwear will just come off." I raised one eyebrow at him in an "Oh really?" expression. He then leaned forward and said in my ear, "You know, after you have a certain amount of alcohol, your underwear just spontaneously comes off." I fell into a spasm of laughter at that remembering all the times I had been drunk and my underwear had "spontaneously" come off. He eventually ordered a shot of rum with some kind of soda for a chaser. As he was about to drink the shot, I said, "Make sure you're still in possession of your underwear." He put his shot on the bar, laid hands on his equipment and said laughing, "Good call."

Our conversation continued for a few more minutes, when suddenly, Laurel came over to D and said something in his ear. She was looking like a not-very-happy-camper and the three guys who had been surrounding her all this time vying for her attentions were right on her heels. D leaned over to me and said regretfully,"I have to go." I said,"You're leaving now?" He shrugged and said, "Yeah, I wish I wasn't." Right then, he put the most delicious kiss on my cheek. I couldn't help myself, so I reached out and put my arms around his neck. He returned my hug by pulling me tightly to his chest. Then, he was gone. I have to admit, I felt cheated.

I didn't want to sit at the bar all alone, so I made my way over to where Tanya was sitting with Audie and some other people. (Tanya was sitting next to Audie and I noticed that she was now wearing his suit coat. Audie=sweet) She introduced me to everyone and I took a seat at a small table behind all of them. I didn't sit there for very long, maybe 20 minutes, when I decided that I wanted to go home. I tapped Tanya on her shoulder and told her that I was going. She hugged me, told me she loved me and to be careful driving home. I made my way to the door of the bar and down the front stairs all the while hoping that D would still be sitting in Laurel's car somewhere in the parking lot, see me, come over to me and ask me for a ride home. Nothing like that happened. I just got in my car, picked out a Tori Amos cd and started the drive home. I arrived at my house at about 2:30am. I changed into my pjs, got my chicken sandwich out of the fridge (Dad had called earlier and had said that he was bringing me that sandwich from Popeye's. Yay.). I went back to my room with the sandwich in one hand and a Diet Mountain Dew in the other. I flipped on my tv, jumped in my bed to watch Blade kill some vampires and enjoy my sandwich. I had left my cell in my purse in the kitchen at the other end of the house. I knew that I needed to charge it since it only had one bar of battery left, but because I'm so damn lazy, I left it where it was. I figured that I would just plug it in when I awoke later on that day.

I woke up at about 8:00 bright-eyed and busy-tailed after having constant dreams of D. I went into the kitchen to make coffee, grabbed my cell out of my purse and when my coffee was done, I walked to my computer/tv room, sat down with it and plugged my phone into the charger. I watched the tube for a little while and then just happened to look down at my cell. The red light on the top right was blinking, which means that someone has called me and left a voicemail. I thought, "Wow, someone called me? I didn't even hear the phone ring." I flipped the flippy top open to reveal the screen and saw that the call had come at 2:40am and the phone number from which it had come. I didn't recognize the number and thought,"Who would call me at that time of the morning?" Assuming it was a wrong number, but curious about what possible voicemail I might have, I clicked on the voicmail icon on the screen of my phone and waited for it to dial in. This is what I heard when the voicemail message started: *shuffle, shuffle, shuffle* then in a drunk slur, "Yo, this is D. I met you earlier tonight. I finally made it back to the hizzle. Call me." A big smile broke my face and I felt all giggly, thinking, "He said "hizzle". I looked at the time right then and it was only about 10:30. I figured he'd still be asleep, so I waited about an hour or so before calling him.

When I called, he answered and when I told him it was me, he said enthusiastically, "Hey!" then hesitantly,"Can I call you back in a few minutes? I have someone on the other line that I need to talk to." I said,"Yeah, that's cool." So, we hung up and he called me back about 30 minutes later. The first thing I said was, "I'm sorry I missed your call. I had left my phone in my purse at the other end of the house and didn't even hear it ring. By the way, you said 'hizzle'." While I was giggling, he said, "Wow. I did? I was pretty drunk, but when I woke up today, I remembered who you were, your hair and your smile." We talked and laughed for about an hour when he told me that he had family coming over and that he had to clean up his house, shower and whatnot. I had to go too, because I had been invited to a baby shower later on that afternoon. Before we said good-bye, he asked me, "So, what does a girl like you do on a Saturday night?" I said, "Tanya, Sally and I are going to this bar downtown to celebrate her bday again and see some bands. Do you want to go?" His response was, "Hell yeah!" then guiltily, "Ahh, the only problem with that is that my truck is broken down." So, I asked him if he wanted me to come get him, to which he responded, "Yeah! That's really cool of you!" He gave me sketchy directions to his house and I told him that I would call him after the baby shower was over.

More later. ;)


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