Hitchin' the toe out- Pt. 1.

I feel:: nervous
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: P.O.D.~The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

Tanya and I went to Whitewater Tavern last night to celebrate her bday, which isn't really until the 30th, but who can resist an early celebration? A band was playing called Parachute Woman. They were amazing. The singer was kind of short and wiry with a head full of really curly hair (I mean REALLY curly.) When he opened his mouth to sing, I was taken aback. His voice was so wonderful and bluesy. They also had a stand-up bass player. That was really cool as I've never actually seen one live. I've previously only heard them on CDs. Tanya's friend, and my acquaintance, Cody, was playing lead guitar. He was great and kept making all these funny faces at us all throughout the show. We were even on his "guest list". I thought that was funny considering how small Whitewater is, but that meant I didn't have to pay the $5.00 cover so I could get a little drinky-drink. (My constant state is perpetual broke-ness.) About halfway through the band's set, another one of Tanya's friends, and my acquaintance, Audie, showed up (he had been at work). Audie is just so retro. He is always wearing a 50's style suit and hat with wing tip shoes and last night he was quoting Frank Sinatra. I just love Audie. He writes too and he's really good. He even gave me his suit coat when I mentioned, offhandedly that I was chilly. Really sweet guy.

When I first got there, Tanya hadn't arrived yet, and I ran into an old friend of mine, Mike. I know he's a friend of mine and he knows that I'm his friend, but what's funny is that neither of us can remember how we met. After Tanya got there and we found seats, Mike came over and asked us if we wanted bday shots. I poked Tanya in the arm and asked her if she did. She sort of screwed up her face in that way that means, "I'm really going to regret this in morning, but of course I do!" So, we all got Kamikazes. Tanya and Mike, being the pros that they are, downed theirs in one fell gulp. I had to sip mine because I'm such a little girl like that. It took me forever to drink it because it was just so sour.

Mike's friend, D and his friend, Laurel, came to sit with us as well. I immediately focused in on D. He was amazingly good-looking, but I thought that he and Laurel were a couple, so I dismissed the thought just as quickly as it came. All of us got to talking and D leaned toward me from across the table and said this as his eyes appraised me,"Well... you look really good tonight." I was a little shocked and about to be angry, so I leaned across the table toward Laurel and said in a voice loud enough to be heard by the whole company, "Are you two boyfriend-girlfriend?" She turned toward me and quickly shook her head, "No." Then she explained something about how her boyfriend was in the Navy deployed overseas (Iraq, no doubt.) and that she and D were just friends that hung out together sometimes. To which D replied, "Yeah, I love her, but she has no love for me." I didn't know whether he was joking or not. So, I put the thought out of my mind and went back to enjoying the band, giggling with Tanya and sipping my Jack and Diet gingerly. Eventually, Laurel and D left our table and made their way towards the bar where Laurel was almost immediately surrounded by three men who all seemed to be vying for her attentions. D sat himself at the bar and studied the scenery. I covertly watched him for about an hour sit there by himself (because I'm just that kind of girl. When I get my mind focused on something, I can't let it go until I feel like I have some sort of closure/resolution. Plus, he was just so damn handsome that I couldn't not at least occasionally take in glance of him.)
I'll continue this story later. I'll leave y'all hanging so you'll come back to see me. j/k ;)


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