Those same old nagging, irritating questions.

I feel:: geeky

I went to the doctor on Monday and he said that I still have Bronchitis. He wrote me a prescription for Doxycycline. I also talked to him about upping my Prozac, which he did. He also gave me a prescription for an anti-anxiety drug, which was really nice. I'm feeling a bit better physically, but mentally I'm pretty much way up and way down. I did manage to clean my rooms and to take a shower yesterday, so that's good. At least I'm not smelly.

I was getting gas at the station up the way from my house the other day when a youngish man in a 80's era pick up truck pulled up to the pump behind me blasting ( and I mean blasting) country music. This is what I heard,"You're luvin' me so easy. My passion rises high" It was hard not to laugh. I had to physically turn my body away from him so he wouldn't see me giggling. Then, when I went inside to pay (the stupid machine wasn't taking my card) he stepped right in front of me even though I was next in line. The cashier looked at me, instead of him, and said,"Can I help you miss?" Captain Redneck must have found his runaway chivalry at that moment because he backed up and said, ungallantly,"She hasn't been waited on yet. It's her turn." You can imagine my gratefulness. I must have looked at Captain Redneck like I had been eating sour Persimmons because he remained a pretty good distance from me and thankfully didn't say anything else.

I just have one more thing to say. Last night was a complete surprise. Amazing. Wow. I think I'm going to keep this experience to myself and not give y'all all the details. There's just some things a girl has to keep private. I have all these questions now. They're the same questions I have been asking myself since I was a teenager. I think that geeky teenager should shut the hell up.


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