It's The Pelvic Thrust That Really Drives You Insane

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One day last week, after I had gotten home from French class and had fallen blessedly into a fevered sleep, the house alarm started blaring and yanked me out of my bed unwillingly. It was so loud that I was confused and my ears were aching thanks to the ear infection I have. I walked out into the hallway to see my dad standing at the consol of the alarm panicky and randomly pressing buttons. Before I could stop myself, I yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Dad yelled back,"IT JUST STARTED GOING OFF!" I retorted loudly,"WHAT DID YOU DO TO IT?" Dad:"NOTHING!" Me:"ARE YOU SURE?" Dad: "YES!" At that point I thought to myself, "Sonofabitchin' thing didn't just go off by itself!" Well, neither one of us has ever known the disarm/arm code for the house alarm and we don't pay to have it monitored, so it just continued to blare incessantly. After a few minutes of watching Dad pressing buttons and not knowing what the hell he was doing, I stalked into the kitchen and drug back one of the kitchen table chairs. I continued down the hallway with it and stopped right underneath where the actual alarm is screwed into the wall. I stepped up onto the chair with screwdriver in hand, unscrewed the one screw keeping it there and ripped the damn thing out of the wall. So, now everyone knows just how cranky I am when I wake up.

Last night, Tanya, Sally and I went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Market Street Cinema here in Little Rock. Being that we all were Rocky Horror virgins (We'd never seen it in a theater before.), I thought we did pretty well. We threw rice as the newleyweds exited the church at the beginning of the movie and whenever Brad or Janet's name was said, we all yelled,"SLUT!" or "ASSHOLE!". We sung along with the Dammit Janet song. We had our newspapers on our heads for the rainstorm, but unfortunately, we didn't have water guns or flashlights (yeah... virgins). We hurled toilet paper when Prof. Scott burst through the concrete wall and Brad yelled,"GREAT SCOTT!" We also had our party hats on and made good use of our noise makers in the lab scene. We didn't have rubber gloves, though. The last thing we did was throw cards in the last scene when Frank N. Furter sings,"Cards for sorrow. Cards for pain." There was a guy sitting a couple of rows up from us who seemed to be an old hand at the Rocky Horror experience. He knew just what to say at every opportune time, like when the narrator first comes on the screen, he yelled,"WHERE'S HIS NECK?" He was great. There were some people dressed up and some not, but most everyone went down to the front of the theater to do the Time Warp. Us virgins, being shy and all, attempted the Time Warp from the safety of our theater seats. All in all, it was fun. Next year, I'm going as Magenta. Magenta will also be slightly inebriated.

Edit: Originally, it was just E and I going to see Rocky Horror, but when we talked about it Sunday night, we said that we wanted to go to the 11:30pm show because we thought there would be more people dressed up then and acting crazier, but that show didn't have any tickets available so I had to get them for the 9:30 time. (Earlier that day [Monday], I had talked to Sally and Tanya to ask them if they wanted to go as well and they were all for it, so I was buying tickets for all of us in advance.) I tried to call E three times to let her know, but no one ever answered her phone. She called me today and left me a hurt sounding voicemail asking what had happened. I feel badly about the way things happened. I feel like it's my fault somehow. When I talked to her on the phone just a few minutes ago, I think I gave her the impression that I didn't go at all, which is not true. (She said she called me twice last night, but there is no record of it on my phone under 'Missed Calls'. She's not one to lie, so I'm wondering why there is nothing showing that she called. Not many people call me so I don't have many missed calls, but the ones I did miss that night did show up, except hers. She also said that she was at home by 8:30. I wish I had called her a fourth time. ) I did go and I wanted her to go too. Dammit. She's having a bad time today too and I feel like I added to the load by what happened last night. Why does nearly everything I try to do wind up getting fucked up some way?

By the way, I'm still sort of sick. I feel good: I feel bad. I can go from feeling relatively normal to feeling downright ill in a matter of minutes. My fever, although it broke sometime last week, still occasionally spikes, which sucks. I'm still taking antibiotics and a prescription decongestant, but I still wake up every morning with my chest tight and coughing. I'm thinking I may have to go back to the doctor when I've finished all my medicine. Oy. The decongestant makes me so dizzy that I have to hold on to walls to walk after I take it. On Sunday, I made the mistake of taking it right before I went to church. That was fun. The pastor's head and face kept going in and out of focus and I had trouble remembering what the sermon was about afterwards. Pfft. I'm so over this.


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