Like A Lame Horse I Should Just Be Put Out of My Misery

I feel:: sick

I'm sick. Dammit. It all hit me today. WHAMMO! Fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, coughing, no appetite, nausea, weakness, shaking, dizziness, ears stopped up, achey, fatigued but can't sleep, sweating, chills, and throat hurting too much to talk. Not to mention that I started my period yesterday and today I feel like my uterus is being ripped from my body.

What I've eaten today: ice cream. I couldn't tolerate anything else because swallowing is too painful.

I started loading up on herbs and minerals yesterday. I wonder how much worse I would feel if I didn't take supplements. Scary. If I don't feel better tomorrow I'm going to the doctor.

I'll be sleeping with Dr. Nyquil tonight.


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