Hummingbird Pizza

I feel:: horny
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: something by VAST

I am, at the moment:

in pain (my back, my heart)

I think that about sums it up.

One last thing, Tanya and I saw the most amazing thing earlier tonight outside of Pizza D'Action. We were leaving and walking by the hedgerow and I saw what I thought was a HUGE flying bug. I turned to Tanya, on the verge of freak out because bugs wig me out, and said,"Holy shit! That things is enormous! What kind of bug is that?" She looked at it for a moment and replied,"I don't think it's a bug." Pause. "It's a...It's a....It's a..."
Then someone pulled the chain of my mental light bulb and I blurted out,"Hummingbird!". As I was blurting out my new found discovery, Tanya voiced hers as well. If you can imagine that in stereo. It was pretty funny, but what's funnier is that we just stood there and watched it flit around. We were in awe of it. It flew so close to us. Like only a few inches away. One time, it even flew right into Tanya's foot. I've never been that close to a hummingbird before. I also didn't know that they even came out at night. How weird is that? As we started to walk towards Tanya's car, still watching the hummingbird intently, this random girl walked by and looked at us like we were on drugs. Well, we had been drinking Red Bull, so we were pretty uhhhhh...geeked.


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