Ants In My Pants

I feel:: frustrated

Last night, when I was putting away laundry, I picked up a shirt to fold and noticed some ants on my leg. I thought, "What the hell?" I unfolded the shirt and there were ants all over it. I looked down and they were all in my bed. Then, I looked down at the floor and they were crawling on the carpet. I freaked out and spent the next 3 or so hours with a high powered flashlight sitting in the floor of my room going through every piece of laundry and scouring the carpet and my bed looking for ants. Every few minutes my dad would hear,"You little fucker!" or "Die you sonofabitch!" from my room. He yelled at me from his recliner in the living room,"What are you doing?" I stuck my head out of my bedroom door at the end of the hall and yelled back,"There's ants all over my laundry and my bed and the floor!" He said,"Ants? Really?" I yelled,"Yeah, really." followed by another blurt of,"Die you little fucker!" (I was picking them up one by one with my fingers and crushing them. The cursing seemed to just add a little flourish to it and helped me vent my frustration at the invasion of the little shits.) I don't know how they got into my room or why. There's no food in there at all. So, why are they in there? This morning, I woke up to find one crawling on my cheek and now I have an ant bite there. I also have ant bites between my first and second finger on my right hand, on the backs of both legs and down the outside of my left arm. What the fuck? I'm contemplating a nuclear attack at this moment. I called the pest company and someone is supposed to come out and spray. I hope he brings some fuckin' agent orange to wipe those little sonsobitches out.

In other news, my little precious gigi kitten is having her first heat. *sigh* I have to take her to get fixed on Monday.

Edit: The pest man called and said that the earliest he can be here is next Tuesday? What the hell am I supposed to do until then? By the time he gets here, I'll be one big itchy welt. Dammitdammitdammitdammit.


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