Wanna Hear Something Gross?

I feel:: drained
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Pearl Jam~Oceans

This morning, I was getting ready to go to Geology lecture when I had a sudden cramping in the lower region of my stomach. I ran to the bathroom and proceeded to drop the kids off at the pool. Except the kids weren't solid. They were mostly liquid and green. I mean super green. After my 20 minute potty time, I felt really dizzy, weak and nauseous. I went to the kitchen and drank 16oz of vanilla soy milk. (I can't drink regular milk anymore. God, I'm getting old.) I still felt super dizzy and weak, but I figured I would stop on the way to class and get something to eat. I headed out the door, got in my car and drove the few blocks to one of the neighborhood stores to buy food. I went in and picked up a bag of Chex Mix and a bottle of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, all the while noticing I was getting dizzier and that my hands were going numb. Before I could get to the register to pay for these things, I fainted. I wasn't out very long, but it scared me nonetheless. I gathered what was left of my senses, payed and walked gingerly out to my car and drove, very slowly, home. I'm lucky that I was only a few blocks away from my house. I pulled into the garage and my dad was standing at the door and said,"Did you forget something?" I said,"No, I just fainted at the gas station." He asked, "Have you eaten anything for breakfast?" Me: "No, not yet." He said,"That's probably what's wrong. Well, come inside, eat something and try it again." I walked inside with my bookbag, which felt incredibly heavy, dropped it on the kitchen table and staggered to my tv room and fell into my big chair. Several things were going through my mind at that point. The major thing was that I was thinking that this was a particularly bad spell of low blood sugar. I know that I'm hypoglycemic, so despite wanting to blow chunks, I opened my bag of Chex Mix and had eaten about half of it when I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom again. This time, it was darker and greener than it had been just half an hour before. I was also weaker,dizzier and more nauseous than I had been the first time. After that, I had to hold on to the wall to make it to my bedroom. I looked at the clock on my bedside table and it said 12 noon. I fell asleep and when I woke up, the clock said 7pm. Tanya called me a few minutes after 3pm wanting to know where I was. I told her what happened and she said that it sounded like I was having high blood sugar, which to my knowledge, has never happened to me before. She told me sternly to stay away from carbs and sugar and I agreed with her thinking that that was probably the best course of action. After our convo, I fell asleep again directly. When I got up, I was searching the kitchen for something to eat because, even though I was still dizzy, my stomach was cramping because I was so hungry. It was then that I realized that everything in my kitchen is a carb of some form. I was afraid to eat anything, so I ate a granola bar. I read on the back of the package that it had 11g of sugar. As I write this now, I'm still dizzy and I have the mother of all headaches, but I have not had to make anymore emergency bathroom trips. I'm not as weak as I was, but I'm still leery of driving anywhere, so I ordered a pizza. Thin crust, veggie. I'm waiting on it to be delivered now. We'll see if my body rebels again after I eat it.

If anyone has experienced something similar, I would appreciate any advice you have to give as I'm totally in the dark here.


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