Me After Eating Cheerios=Boring

I feel:: sleepy
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Pink Floyd~Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 1

I went to the Health Services office the other day at school and had my blood sugar checked. Normal range is anywhere from 80-120, according to the nurse. Mine was 81. So, not too bad, but I felt like the living dead. I was sweaty, shaky, nauseous and dizzy. She made me lay down on the nice, comfy bed they have and had me eat peanut butter crackers and drink Sprite and OJ. I felt tons better after that. She also told me that she didn't know why I had experienced the green stuff. She looked for it in her medical books, but only found that it is related to something eaten or something drunk. I have no idea what that was. It was weird, though. The nurse told me to go and get a blood sugar monitor, which I did the other day. When I went to the pharmacy to get it, the pharmacist told me it was free. I said,"It's free?" He said,"Yes, it's free." I asked again, "It's totally free?" He said again,"Yes, it's totally free." I couldn't believe it. Tanya was with me and he offered to give her one too and she was all, "It's free?"
I checked my blood sugar three times yesterday. At about 8am it was 38, then at about 4pm it was 117, and finally at about 11pm it was 88. This morning, it was 86, so I guess I'm not doing too badly except for the 38 reading. So, I'll not bore anyone any longer by recounting my blood sugar levels.

By the way, I'm supposed to be at work right now. Actually, I was supposed to be there 15 minutes ago. How can I hate it so much when I've only been there such a short time?
I'm going back to bed.


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