God Has A Plasma TV And A Fuzzy Recliner

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I was talking with a good friend of mine earlier while in the library at school about how we both feel going through our lives. She said that she felt like she was constantly on her own version of The Truman Show. Like God would put her in situations or put people in her life and then sit back and take notes on how she reacted. I can identify with that, but I feel more like God is sitting in his celestial Kick-It Room with a God-sized plasma television (just hanging there attatched to nothing) watching us all, all the time while he's hooked up to Godtv (it's gotta be better than cable). I can envision him sitting in his comfy, fuzzy (it's upholstered with angel's wings, don'tcha know), God-sized recliner with a HUGE remote for the TV with buttons on it that represent every person on the planet. He flips channels only it's real people's lives that he's watching.

Really, though, I know that God does more than just watch. I know he's involved in the minutae of our lives, but sometimes it just feels like he's not there or if he is there, he's just not doing anything. Maybe he's playing PS2 and got caught up in it and didn't realize how much time had passed. Ridiculous idea, I know, but what is happening when there's just....nothing? It's probably me. I'm the one addicted to PS2.


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