Falco (cool) And Freaky Christians (not so cool)

I feel:: bouncy
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: FALCO!

First of all this fucking rocks.

Secondly, there were these odd people on campus today holding these ridiculously ginormous signs that said something to the effect of,"THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY NOT TO BURN!" or "TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SIN NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!" I'm not quoting exactly, but you get the idea. Well, after I had gotten my daily iced vanilla latte from the new and totally fab coffee shop we now have, I was making my way to Physical Geology class when I spotted one of the afore mentioned signs attatched to a really thin blond girl. The first thing I thought was,"How in the hell can she hold that up?" As I walked past her, she caught my eye and thrust her hand out to me, with a tract hanging tenuously from it, saying," You need Jesus." I said,"I already have Jesus, thanks." She screwed up her face at me and thrust the tract at me again saying,"Yeah, but what does that really mean?" Irritated, I said, curtly, "I don't have time to discuss this with you right now! I am on my way to class!" From there, I turned away from her and quickly walked towards Fribourgh Hall where my Physical Geology lecture is only to run into another one of those hugungeous signs attatched to a rather large, muscular man who was wearing the pointiest cowboy boots I have ever seen and the most ten gallon lookin'- ten gallon hat I have ever seen. He was busy at that point trying to press a tract into another person's hand, so I made my way past him unaccosted. I walked into the blessedly cool air of the lecture hall and found my usual seat. A few minutes later, Tanya came in and sat down beside me. The first thing she said was,"Did you see those people outside? They make Christians look like looney people!" I sat back in my chair (as much as I could since I have a broken tailbone) and thought for a minute, gathering more and more righteous indignation and blurted out loudly, "If anyone does get saved because of them, are they going to stick around and disciple them? Are they going to get involved in their lives and be their friend? Are they going to love them? No, they'll split once their shift is done and never look back!" That little outburst earned me not a few stares from the rest of the class. Yay. I had a mind to go up to one of them after class give them a few pieces of my mind, but alas, they were gone. I knew they would be. I really can't stand that "turn or burn" stuff. It turned me off before I became a Christian and even more so now that I am a Christian. It doesn't show any of Christ's love for people at all. It's just pointing a wagging, accusatory finger and saying,"YOU'RE A SINNER! YOU'RE GOING TO BURN!" I have absolutely no patience for that rhetoric and will not tolerate it. [/rant]

In other news, while I was in the library, in the quiet zone, studying Geology earlier, I let fly a belch so loud that it reverberated off the library walls. Thankfully, I was in a little cubicle by myself, so no one could definitely say it was me. HA! I didn't mean to really, I was just so involved in studying that I just didn't notice it sneaking up on me. I normally don't do that type of thing. Really. *winkwink*


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